Ennosinz Elle


Ennosinz Elle is an entertainer who's musical prowess is an eclectic mixture of Missy Elliot's cool cleaver word play, Ciara's play between feminine and masculine, and Lauren Hill's soulful poetic style that incorporates both singing and rap/poetry. In addition to music Ennosinz is also a model and an actress.

Ennosinz just released a short but oh so sweet mixtape consisting of 5 songs; the project is entitled: MYNI MYXR (pronounced: mini mixer) to give the world a little taste of her flavor. Tracks are available for free download on reverbnation. In the works is Ennosinz's debut album entitled: fEyEn rt (Pronounced: Fine Art) this album is scheduled to drop early 2013.

Currently residing in Atlanta, GA Ennosinz moved from her home state Wisconsin to Atlanta to attend school and pursue her entertainment career. Songwriting/singing from a young age Ennosinz knows no peace like that which music brings her. Strongly believing that life is music itself Ennosinz says, "Like music life is rhythmic but that never means monotonous. In some of the best musical compositions the rhythm has variation, subtle and keeps you attentive ."


  • Singing
  • rapping
  • modelling
  • acting